Avocado Chocolate Smoothie

Avocado, one of the world’s best fruits If you are looking for a fruit that is power packed, densely concentrated with a variety of nutrients, maybe its time to rethink the avocado. Checkout my delish recipe for your new favorite Avocado Chocolate Smoothie below! Avocado has sometimes received a “bad rap” as a vegetable too […]


Buckwheat noodles provide plethora of healthy benefits. Check out this blog post to see the perks o plenty :>) This recipe is so easy and quick to make 15 minutes top to bottom.   I do suggest that you use organic, non gmo products whenever possible and free range, organic meats. You might as well reap […]

The Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ― Mahatma Gandhi I love that quote. It inspires me to open my eyes wider and appreciate the blessing in the lesson, there are many blessing to be thankful for indeed!  I was honored in October to be nominated […]

Your Oh So Beautiful, Body Type

This is actually a re-post of an article that I did for the Dharma Lounge and the fabulous Amy Eyrie and on my website blog.  Lately this subject seems to be coming up more and more and it seems that it is time to revisit this important subject.  I hope you enjoy it and that […]

The HUNT AND GATHER GOURMET… a Paleo Cooking Workshop

Whether you are royalty in your Paleo kingdom or entirely new to the world of Hunter Gatherer, this class will give you the skills you need to create delicious dishes, making you feel like The Hunt and Gather gourmet. Join me for this Hands-On, Fully Interactive, Dinner Inclusive workshop. You will learn how to prep, […]

Power up with these 9 Immune Building Foods

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away, Right? Well, sort of. It happens every season, you  do all the right things, from frequent hand washing to opening doors with your shirt sleeve, to avoiding anyone who looks even remotely sick; and yet you and your family get zapped by those pesky little colds and flu […]