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In case you missed it, we have re-branded as My Sage Gourmet. From classes and recipes to video how to’s and our product line of delicious organic herb blends



Buckwheat noodles provide plethora of healthy benefits. Check out this blog post to see the perks o plenty :>) This recipe is so easy and quick to make 15 minutes top to bottom.   I do suggest that you use organic, non gmo products whenever possible and free range, organic meats. You might as well reap […]

The Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ― Mahatma Gandhi I love that quote. It inspires me to open my eyes wider and appreciate the blessing in the lesson, there are many blessing to be thankful for indeed!  I was honored in October to be nominated […]

Strawberry Energy Plus Protein Smoothie

My hubby loves his strawberry smoothies. I have to be honest, I am not crazy about the little seeds.. But if I am not rushing out the door and I actually take my time (insert note to self here) this really is not an issue. This little baby gives me a whole lot of goodness, […]

Did you know that around 3000 BC to 200 BC Arabs traded spices and herbs among early civilizations?

 Believe it or not, the earliest recorded use of a spice – sesame seed – comes from an Assyrian myth. This myth claims that the gods drank sesame wine the night before they created the earth.   The first real evidence we have of spice use comes from the art work and writings of early […]

Summer Classics Cooking Workshop- REGISTRATION IS OPEN!

Summer Classics Cooking Workshop- REGISTRATION IS OPEN!     In this Summer Classics workshop we will make a collection of the simplest of simple summer recipes, recipes so short, so intuitive, healthy and so delicious, that we might not even notice we are cooking. In my world, ‘summer classics’ means recipes that fit into these categories: […]