Ginger Mango Salsa

Ginger Mango Salsa



1 mango, peeled and diced

½ small red onion, finely chopped

1 teaspoon fresh grated ginger

2 garlic cloves, minced

½ red bell pepper, finely chopped

Juice from ½ a lime

1/2 a bunch of cilantro, diced


In a medium sized mixing bowl, mix together the above ingredients and chill for 30 mins.

Serve with fish, shrimp, or grilled veggies.

 A little Food for Thought:

Mangos are packed with vitamin A, C, and 25 different carotenoids that help boost the immune system. Want clearer skin and improved eye health? Well then, mangoes are one of your great assets!  

Ginger comes to the rescue when the sniffles show up and is known to sooth a sore throat. Did you know that ginger also zaps those nasty flu viruses? Ginger is also a natural way to relieve pain and reduce fever.  

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