Navitas Naturals Dragon Fruit

dragon fruit flower Navitas Naturals-Dragonfruit slices

Navitas Naturals, is a company I absolutely love. They produce some of the most delicious goodness in their product line!  I use their goodies every day, no really I do, every day.  Well, now they have gone and done it again! They have come up with another awesome healthy bit of heaven for me and you to delight over.

Today, I am sharing with you one of my new go to’s. Drum roll please, Taa Daa, ImageDragonfruit Slices.  Have you seen it yet? Tasted it?  If not get your bootie down to your local healthy foods section and grab yours- No, really go right now!

Dragonfruit Slices have this wonderful sweet sort of tropical fruit style flavor. It is packaged dried fruit style, but don’t be fooled by its “snacky” appearance.  This little baby is in the Super Foods Family under the category of Super Fruits, with nutritional benefits including omega 3’s, protein, iron, fiber, magnesium, vitamin B, phosphorus and iron, and those are just some of the benefits. According to, Dragon fruit helps to lower blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes. Studies also suggest that the glucose found in Dragon fruit aids in controlling the blood sugar level for diabetes patients.” I could go on forever about this one.

Dragon Fruit is great as a simple addition to recipes. So far I have created a greens and fruit salad (see recipe below) and added it to my trail mix and my smoothies. It is a staple in my yoga bag for a boost between teaching classes and I use them as a sample for guests at my wellness workshops.  Navitas Naturals has an eye popping, awesome, array of other great products so check them out  Hit me up for more recipes and get your booty over to the workshops for tons of healthy body-healthy mind info and good foods to match!

See you soon

Cheers to Your Health and Wellness

Carol @ Creative Wellness with Carol


Fruit and Greens Salad

Serves three to four  


2 Cups baby spinach

3 Cups red leaf lettuce

1/2 mango or 1-ripe peach or 1-nectarine (peeled and pitted and sliced thinly)

Navitas dragon fruit package½ Cup Navitas Naturals Dragon Fruit Slices (sliced thin)

1 tablespoon cashews, toasted and medium chopped (Navitas has a great one!)

1 ripe avocado

1 small handful mint leaves

1 small handful coriander (cilantro)


2 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar

2 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 teaspoons whole grain mustard

Juice of 1 lime

Dash freshly ground black pepper

Small pinch Sea salt


Chill a big Salad bowl and plates in the frig.

Mix up the dressing and set aside

Grab your chilled bowl, place your salad greens with the fruits in it and with your hands, and gently mix to avoid squishing your beautiful fruits

Plate your salads

Drizzle dressing over top

Sprinkle nuts over top

Serve immediately for full freshness



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