French Cooking and Chocolate French Lavender Cake Recipe

FrenchChick Proven French Country_ChickProven_Ratol  French Country Cooking TucsonKale_Pear Sal_Chicken Provence French Country Cooking Class 5_2013   ChickProv_FrenchCountry cooks ???????????????

We always have such a great time in our cooking workshops. My family and I have the job of testing recipes prior to classes. My poor guys have to endure this while I am looking at the best ways to tweak the recipes, making each one easy to recreate, tasty and healthy (with a few exceptions 🙂 and to make sure the timing is planned well to keep things running smoothly during class time.  The guys suffer so, as they have to taste (and finish with no trouble); the chocolate cake more than once as I adjusted the lavender , tried different dark chocolate blends to get that, melt in our mouth, eye rolling, freakin awesome (if I do say so myself) perfectly decedent flavor balance. This particular class was a hit in the food, company and the wine. Did I mention we had a fabulous time :>)

One of the comments I got later from a participant..
Double Dark Chocolate French Lavender Cake“My husband and I were sitting on our patio last evening, the weather was beautiful, we were sitting outside enjoying a glass of wine and my husband turned to me and said ” You know what would make this perfect? A slice of that Chocolate Lavender cake we made in class last Saturday” :>) I loved that! And he was right, this cake is lovely! So much so that I feel the need to share the recipe.. You lucky dog you :0)

Please, take a moment to let me know what you think after making it, would love to hear your comments.


To your Health,

Carol T


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