SEN CHA Naturals

From the Natural Products Expo West Show 2013


Keep your peepers open for this addition to an already terrific line of Eco-friendly products , SEN CHA Naturals.  I had the opportunity to try the  “Green Tea + C , immune support effervescent drink mix at the show this year.  I have only tried the dragon fruit flavor so I cannot speak to the other products; however, the dragon fruit flavor is easy to mix into my water bottle, dissolves well and tastes good too.  One other thing I really like is that they didn’t add any sugar! Zero!  So many times I come across products that are laden with sugar, I find this unnecessary   I appreciate the idea that I am drinking something that is giving my an immune system a boast and it adds variety to my water intake.  This product does contains Green Tea (hence the name) there is caffeine in it, but it is in a reasonable amount and the tea that comes from this company is of a very high quality-a big bonus.  The last I heard this product with be out in retail spots in June 2013, my clients will be seeing it in their recommendations list.

ImageA little more about SEN CHA: In 2009, they became the first mint company with a 100% solar-powered manufacturing facility.  They carry an organic and Fair Trade certified green tea line too!  Check out more at


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