49 things that rock

Today I had a long conversation with my oldest son.  Wow, how I used to take this for granted. Since he is on deployment, we don’t have much phone time and when we do the connection is hit and miss, making long talks so rare and beloved.   I adore my sons, as every mother will proudly state, and these days I appreciate time with them even more.  As life is changing so quickly for both my sons, as they are creating their own lives, any time I have with either of these fine young men is pure joy for me. During our conversation today, I mentioned to my son that the times when he and his brother were little ones, were so much fun.   I observed them as they toddled ahead of me, their wonder at every leaf, every bird, and every puddle they experienced,  it rocked my world.  Today, I was reminded of other moments, that I am sharing with you today.

As adults, we shouldn’t let go so easily of purely, joyous, simple moments or allow them to become only memories.  It is good to be challenged from time to time to look at what is really important and precious, and it is certainly a good wake up call.

I hope you have a long list of things that rock. Here are some of mine.  I hope you will add yours here or at the very least write them down for yourself, it will bring a smile to your face and warm your heart too!

49 things that rock 

  1. Puddle jumping (did this with my boys, still do it!, Can’t wait to take my granddaughter)
  2. Watching my pups play together
  3. Connecting two of my awesome professional pals to do good work together
  4. Showering after a really hard work out or a day at the beach
  5. Falling asleep to the sound of rain through an open window
  6. Waking up to rain and realizing we still have time to cuddle under the covers and snooze.
  7. Looking down at my newly pedicured toes
  8. A good haircut
  9. Finding the perfect gift
  10. A good giggle on the phone with my BGF’s
  11. Singing, no matter who is listening
  12. Dancing
  13. Teaching
  14. Passionate , Spontaneous kisses
  15. A great glass of wine
  16. A great chocolate something to go with the wine
  17. A great dish, prepared creatively with fresh, local ingredients, without overused ingredients
  18. Lovingly preparing a meal
  19. Hearing dad tell a joke
  20. Destination-less road trips (aka-mom trips. This one is for my boys!)
  21. Taking the small little side road just because it looks like a great way to go
  22. The Train into Chicago from Antioch
  23. The T in Boston
  24. Pet names for those I love
  25. Making people laugh so hard their faces hurt
  26. Airports
  27. Arriving anywhere for the first time
  28. Making boo boos better
  29. Sitting with someone who turns of their phone to enjoy our time together
  30. Watching my sons laugh together
  31. Watching my husband  chillin with my sons
  32. Spontaneous hugs
  33. Movie and dinner dates
  34. Soft pj bottoms and my hubby’s blue  t-shirt
  35. Working in Our garden (check back with me when it is 100 outside I might change my mind)
  36. Picking food from our garden for that night’s dinner
  37. Staying home, with no agenda
  38. Meandering
  39. Hiking a new trail
  40. A man in a black tux
  41. An elegantly dressed older woman
  42. Getting a card from a friend
  43. Hanging with my gal pals
  44. When my husband holds my hand
  45. Doing Yoga on the beach all by myself.
  46. A clean car
  47. A clean house
  48. Accomplishing a big goal
  49. Hearing someone say I love you and knowing they mean

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