There’s as new snack in town and it is Good!


I recently met the Earth Balance crew (cool bunch of peeps!) at the Natural Products Expo West and oh my do they have some delightful products.  The one I am excited to tell you about it the Vegan Aged White Cheddar Puffs. The bag did not sit long before I found myself asking my teenage son, did you really eat the whole bag? His answer “mom, these are so good, I mean really really good” and he had left me a few to try. Of course being a nutrition coach that works with a variety of clients whose diets range from vegan to gluten intolerances, to the need to shed a bit of unhealthy weight, I always look at the ingredient breakdown on the packages right away.  I am happy to report, my son was spot on.  They are really good; not only the taste but the ingredient and nutritional breakdown are in line with what I would call a healthy alternative to most chips and crackers I see out there in snack land.  The sugars come in at a low 2% and the calories considering the generous 1 ¼ cup serving size, is a more than reasonable compromise. I almost always feel that the sodium levels in snack products could be a little lower and perhaps a bit lower here and it will still taste great but I wouldn’t say that 180mg is out of range, Just keep an eye on what else you are eating along with this yummy snack and not eat the whole bag in one sitting as my son did.  Now I just need to go buy my own bag and this time, I will hide it from the kiddo :>).

This product is


Gluten -Free


Kosher and have 0 trans fat

Enjoy, and by all means, Play With Your Food!

Carol Takakura


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