Creative Wellness with Carol is having an Affair!!! with the Farmers Market

Hello my dear foodie!  I wanted to invite you to this month’s cooking class. It really fills the bill in various ways.

It’s a A Farmer Market Affair with Creative Wellness with CarolImage

Many of us want to eat healthy, get back on track, meet those new goals and that may include trimming down the little extra hug-able spots around the waist from holiday treats-ugh.  We also have the desire to eat warming, comfort foods during these chilly weeks left in California’s version of “winter” -we should really be embarrassed that we even call it “winter” here in California. Never the less, if you are like me, when I am chilly it does get me singing “But Baby It’s cold outside”

So, let’s warm up together inside and celebrate the bounty of winter!  This winter menu rolls out the very best of our local farmers fair. Think savory winter squash, citrus fruits, warm soup, apples, kale, leeks, mushrooms… Think Delicious! Think register today :>).

Hope to see you there

 To your Health,




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