Your Monkey Mind

Are you familiar with the term monkey mind?


In short, it refers to the disjointed flow of thoughts that fly through our minds during a typical day.  These thoughts may include a borage of “I’m not good enough because… ” snippets about our body image. We punish ourselves for not being “perfect” , with this Monkey Brain mentality.

Yoga can be the key to releasing you from dwelling in this negative space. Yoga is the perfect mind-body exercise that allows you to tune into your body, emphasizing your strengths and abilities, not your size or appearance.  Yoga helps many individuals (not exclusively women) focus on the positives of our bodies, thus improving how you feel about your body, while helping improve flexibility, strength, and mental focus in the process.  When you are in a pose, bringing your full attention and intention to your toes spreading out over your mat, or creating length and space in your vertebrae or grounding your tailbone to the earth beneath your mat, it is nearly impossible to hold on to monkey mind garble. As those destructive thoughts begin to vanish, allowing self awareness, confidence and pure bliss begin to set in. Why not give it a try? I think you will find that at the very least, you will have a smile on your face and in your heart as you step off your mat. Further, that you will look forward to putting your focus there the next time you begin to head toward that cheeky little monkey- (see “release your monkey mind” for more tools for your body and mind to enjoy!)


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